Cone Lamps

Cone Lamps

8.000 kr.

Unique hand woven lamps by the weavers in Brama Town, Sierra Leone, and designed by Terrably Goods.

Height ca 30 cm

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Production process:

The material is sourced in the woods around Brama Town or in surrounding communities, who will sell it to the weavers. After receiving the material, the weavers start by cutting it up. They do this by chipping it, meaning they will cut the material equally, before tearing it into pieces. The tearing is done in two parts – first, they will split it into broad pieces, and secondly, they split it into smaller sizes. The material then will need to dry in the sun for a minimum of 30 minutes, although in the wet season, the drying can take up to two or three days. Once the material is dry enough, the weavers will clean the material, and then they can finally start to weave their product.

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