Green Giraffe Pillow Case

Green Giraffe Pillow Case

8.900 ISK

Unique pillow designed by Green Giraffe and handmade in Sierra Leone.

Handwoven pillow, made from up-cycled cotton, making it sustainable and environmentally healthy!

One size (50 by 50cm), but different colour combinations.

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Handmade by: Mariatu Koroma (the weaver) & Alusine Bangura (the tailor). Designed by the Green Giraffe.


Production process: The cotton is sourced from the second hand market in Freetown. The weaver visits the second-hand market and buys sweaters, blankets, and other items made from cotton threads. The weaver then disassembles the knitwear back into the cotton yarn threads and reuses it by weaving it using the traditional Kontri Cloth method. The woven pieces are then finally sawn into a pillow.


Care Instructions: Due to the handwoven nature, gentle spot cleaning is recommended. Decorative use suggested.


Kontri Cloth is entirely handmade. Imperfections such as discolourations, pattern variations, or pulls at seams where panels are sewn together should be expected.  These unique features are not considered defects.

*Items are all one of a kind and not exactly alike*

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Black/White, Blue/White